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Happy Beginnings Doula | Vancouver Doula Services   -

If you are an expecting mother you should consider hiring a doula for the time leading up to the birth. Doulas are trained professionals who specialize in childbirth. And the Suzanna, The Happy Beginnings Doula, has over 30 years in this field. Having worked at the Sunny Hill hospital for 15 years and then another 15 years at the BC Women's hospital working specifically in labour and delivery and postpartum care and surgical day care.

Suzanna not only provides standard doula services, but also will provide support after birth, where she can assist in things like lactation/breastfeeding, or simple things like cooking simple meals while you rest. Working with Suzanna is a sure fire way to ensure that everything will move smoothly and calmly. Any fears or doubts can be quelled by Suzanna and her extensive knowledge.

Health: Medical Specialties
Business Name: Happy Beginnings Doula